Robotic Deburring: Where force meets finesse.

  • Deburring metal requires a fine touch and the right amount of force. For these reasons, many in the metalworking industries believe the process requires a human touch. Through advancements in robotic deburring technologies, this is no longer the case.

    Robotics and Automation Experts from 3M Abrasives can help you implement an effective automated deburring solution in your operation — including determining whether robotic or fixed automation is right for you.

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Robotic Deburring

What are the advantages of robotic deburring?

With the recent advances in robotics, manufacturers have the option to automate a number of processes. Why automate a metal deburring process? Aside from the ongoing skilled and unskilled labor shortage, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • A More Consistent Finish

    Since a robot equipped with force control can apply consistent pressure on each part, part quality can increase in automated deburring. This is incredibly important when producing parts like turbine blades and orthopedic implants.

  • Increased Throughput

    By combining the speed and consistency of robotic automation with premium 3M Abrasives, metalworking facilities that automate their deburring processes can realize significant gains in productivity.

  • Long-term Cost Savings

    While the upfront costs of implementing automation can be high, the gains made in productivity and consistency can help ensure that the investment pays for itself.

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    Force Control: The Key to Successful Robotic Deburring

    What is force control, and why is it so important when designing a robotic deburring cell? Download our robotic deburring whitepaper to learn the key considerations when automating a deburring process.

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3M Proof of Concept Program

Send us your parts and our abrasives experts can perform feasibility testing in one of our robotics labs to see if automated deburring is right for you.

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Try our robotics ROI calculator.

Calculate your potential ROI and find out what automation could be worth in your operation.


Let's Talk Automation

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