Bulk Fill composite
A closer look at bulk fill materials

Breaking down the myths and misconceptions around bulk fill dental composites.


Overcoming the myths of bulk fill composites

  • Bulk Fill Myths Whitepaper

    Bulk fill composites are known for their efficiency and ease of use, but not traditionally for their esthetics. The latest generation of these composite filling materials overcomes the limitations of its predecessors, but some prevailing myths remain. Recent advancements in material technology make this the perfect time to question the common misconceptions about bulk fill composites.

    • Are bulk fill materials really too translucent to be esthetic?
    • Do bulk fills need to be placed in layers in order to reduce stress and shrinkage?
    • Do bulk fill composites only adapt properly when placed in increments?
    • Can bulk fill materials achieve proper depth of cure without compromising esthetics?

    With the recent advancements in composite technology, dentists no longer have to sacrifice esthetics in order to use efficient and time-saving bulk fill materials. Download our free whitepaper to take a closer look at the science – and break down the myths about bulk fills.

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